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Identity Crisis


I’m sorry, why is it called “Football” again?  Can someone please justify why (American) Football is more of a “football” than “soccer”?

Anyways, haven’t updated much, but my website has been slightly updated.  A few additions to design and illustration, updated friend links and a new FOTM.  Trying to balance recording a mixtape, updating the “sketches” and “etc” sections, making a business card, and saving the world so I haven’t been able to focus on one thing… so right now I have a bunch of 75% complete projects.  I need a manager… or maybe just a slap in the face


A semi-making of of the home page rabbit.  I think its name can be Earl or Mickey.


No masking tape so I had to use name tags as place holding tape.  It’s not a bad substitute at all.  I suggest you try it.




It took almost a year just to get off my ass and start coding my new site and it took a few months just to get it done, but it’s finally fucking here!

so just head on over to my online portfolio:, spread the word and let me know what you think!

Wheels Are a’Turning


This is going to be the “back” of my business card.  Sketching out an illustration to go on the “front”.  Perceive it as a whole either which way makes you happy.

p.s. don’t visit the website yet, there’s nothing there besides an ugly splash page redirecting to my coroflot portfolio.
p.p.s. listen to this album. it’s fucking amazing. so good that i’m neglecting capitalization in this post script.

Slow and Steady

Took way too long to code this page. Dreamweaver sucks.


If you want your link there let me know.