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It’s SO Real…


It’s nice to hold your art in your hands.  Just got my hands on a few copies of Prophit’s mixtape.  If you’re a fan of hip-hop I’d definitely recommend clicking on that link and downloading the mixtape for FREE.  I also received my business cards in the mail.  I used 4over.com for the printing, they did a great job and were much cheaper than other websites that I’ve used without losing any quality.


Here… Take My Card *smirk*


Front and back (back and front) of my business card (sans watermark).  Now, if I wasn’t broke maybe I could get them printed.


Now I have this unfinished piece left with no purpose.  Wasn’t 100% with the “oh circles? let’s make it a dj piece!” idea, but now it’ll probably just end up as a DJ piece.

On The Way!


this is what my business card is gonna look like.  except with more drawing, and more color, and some photoshop layerage, and in business card size.  so really nothing like this at all.

(i realize i didn’t capitalize anything in this post)

Wheels Are a’Turning


This is going to be the “back” of my business card.  Sketching out an illustration to go on the “front”.  Perceive it as a whole either which way makes you happy.

p.s. don’t visit the website yet, there’s nothing there besides an ugly splash page redirecting to my coroflot portfolio.
p.p.s. listen to this album. it’s fucking amazing. so good that i’m neglecting capitalization in this post script.