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DJ Set Double Dose!

Felt like being extra generous since it’s my birthday and all so today I’m providing you with not one, but TWO 40 minute mixes to enjoy when you don’t want to worry about what your iPod will shuffle to next.

Part one is an upbeat collection of party/dance/fistpump/getbizzay tunes.  Part two starts off with some of my favorite recent chillllll dubstep beats and continues with some trip-hop, hip-hop beats, West Coast beatscene… uh beats, a Top 40 track you’re probably already sick of, and one of the sexiest voices I’ve heard in a good while.

I realize time is valuable so if I had to choose one, I like part two better.  I mixed part one first so it’s a little rougher and part two is just generally more easy to hang out with (but that’s just me).  ENJOY! (Click the down arrow to the right of the player to download)

Part 1: Birthday Mix Super 25 Mix #4

Alphabetical/incomplete tracklist: Altair Nouveau, Caribou, Chico Mann, Flying Lotus, Sebastien Tellier, Wagon Christ, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Part 2: The Super 25 Addendum

Alphabetical/incomplete tracklist: Boards of Canada, Gonjasufi, Joker, Junk Culture, Martyn, Phantogram, Small Black, Tokimonsta (There’s also a song that contains the lyrics “Brazillian… Cocoa Butter Honey… Yeah…” so you could argue that you could gits dowwwn with this mix)