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Mountain Mix Vol. 2 Shredstep

Shredstep is the second installment in my mixes inspired by riding.  I picked tracks and arranged them in an order that I associate with snowboarding.  I decided to make this a dubstep mix because I feel that all the different offshoots of it match the range of riding styles out there.  From the easy riding and wide carving that can be equated to lovestep to hill bombing and kicker annihilating that can only be scored by borderline obnoxious wobbly sawtooth bass, Shredsteps got it all.

Features: Joker, Mount Kimbie, Sepalcure, Doctor P, Major Lazer, Mister Six, Skream, and plenty more.full tracklist available on request.

Mountain Mix Vol. 2 Shredstep by Snugg Digemz III


Mix 8.

Mix 8 is short dubstep mix. It’s on the more dark smoker’s-lung-duck-having-sex synth side, so I guess you can consider it a Halloween mix? Maybe? Could be tighter but I spent most of the time tweaking a MAX/MSP patch to accompany it. The patch is a simple visualization that uses beat detection and some of the program’s Jitter objects. No link to a download unless you want a huge video file. Tracklisting on the video’s page. Oh and there’s a special guest appearance by DJ Mentiroso Mentiroso Pantalones En Fuego aka Tito Frijoles.


Here’s a look at the patch, really simple and straightforward stuff: