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I’m With Cupid

This is a mix I put together with that warm fuzzy feeling you get in your stomach in mind.  This is the sound my heart makes (laser sound effects included) when my brain makes the mistake of falling in love :-P.  Forward this to a loved one (present, future, or past) as a small free gift for Valentine’s Day (just don’t tell them it was free, say you paid for it on iTunes or something), or listen to it and pretend I mixed it just for you (because I really didn’t, I mixed this for ALL to enjoy!).  I’m going to withhold on a tracklist this time, just listen to it.  Crack open a bottle of wine or light up a serenade joint, cuddle up next to a special someone and enjoy.

Tracks are from a Josh and a Beth, a Sam and a Vashti, a J. and a J., a Michael and a Lauryn (now I’ve already revealed too much), and much, much more.

Stream below, or right click and save as on the image above to save to your computer.


PS if you missed it the first time around don’t forget to check out my 10 minute oldies mix