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Old sketch, first post of May.  Not many this month, busy. I didn’t even color this. boring?


A shame that they had to break up. Reunion at Randall’s Island was great. But imagine going to this.

Mosh Mothafucka Mosh!

Every Time I Die – The New Black

Lyrics (?)


I don’t even know if this is what they’re saying in that vocal sample.
thanks to NASA

What do you think they’re saying?

p.s. click for highlights from Flying Lotus show @ American Museum of Natural History
p.p.s. here’s a better listen to that vocal sample. “oooOOoooh, The Knicks are Sweeter Than God”? “Christmas, Sweden, and Hoth”?



Penned this on the train on the way to job #1.  Editted at home shortly after.  This is one of my favorite lyrics in the history of music.

p.s. here’s the song, from now on.