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Video #7

(If anyone was keeping track you might be wondering where #5 was, well here it is.)

This was supposed to be a short documentary of sorts of my NYE DJ gig, but I ended up hating all the footage I got (now I have a bunch of shitty footage of me talking to my X-mas present Flip Camera *shudders*) so I instead just played around with filters and composting layers.  I usually edit video around music, but this time I edited the video first and then worked the music around it.  The sound pops and crackles a bit, and I think that has to do with me being a relative Final Cut newbie.  I know this video is a bit amateurish, but I hope it’s not a Final Cut version of a Photoshop hack


Jackson Square

Last Friday I was chillin’ over n’yah (approximately) listening to this (approximately). So then I sketched this:



Then I went home to color it on my Macintosh on a Tuesday.

p.s. I think I liked it better when it was black and white (and Moleskine beige, so not really white at all).

Video #1

a quick drive through Manhattan, can’t recall the artist’s name whom I’m blatantly biting. oh whatever, no creativity FTW!