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The Chilled Out… Moutain Mixtape

This is one for those times when you want to take it easy down the hills.  This is an anti-super-gnar-shreddly, and pro-wide-banking-carves breathe deep mix.  This is a pow-wow and not a disco.  You can do what I intend to do and take it to the slopes, or you can take it to a museum, or work, or to grandma’s house, to bed, for a walk, with a spliff or a brew, for fun.  Either way, I hope you enjoy my little time out from the fun frenzy that is “The Chilled Out, Relax, Free Your Mind, Cool Out Mountain Mix”.



listen to it here

or right click and save as to take with you wherever

I guess this is my year end mixtape, thanks for tuning in in ’09, let’s enjoy the new decade together :)

ps if you would like a 320kbps version please e-mail me @ Thisisvictorkim@gmail.com (just trying to keep my bandwidth down)


New Mixtape Tomorrow

Here’s the cover for now:

I hope you enjoy

Late Night Sketching pt.2

Sometimes I’m lazy.  Sometimes I force myself to draw.  When I’m forced to draw I usually can’t think of anything to put down, so I go to my go-to-subject: Mountains and/or Cityscapes.  This was actually the third sketch I did in this series, and the least worked on.